From the virtual article of 2 february 1997.

.... Exist in fact a new service called IWOW acronym of Italian Wine On the Web in which it is possible to reach to numerous and varied information. The service is naturally completely free, anyone produces wine can add the own company in the database, that it is consultable online. The other services are one rubric of news, a bookcase in which you will be able to find the volume to which you are interested, addresses of schools where standard the art of the cultivation rather than that one of the assay, an argument space and naturally many addresses of producers. The company that supplies this service is Maxidata Limited liability company of Casteggio (PV), from years by now develops national computer science systems dedicated to the oenology You council lively to consult these pages, will avoid therefore poor figures of forehead to persons of tried oenological culture... in fact as it said the Bacco test: " Not enough the mouth for drink the wine, this do it with the water... for the gods nectar wants also culture!"... 

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